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Janod Magnéti'stories Dinosaurs

SKU: J05450
Sale price£10.99

For children aged 3 and up
Magnetic book with 30 dinosaur magnets
Stimulates fine motor skills, imagination and creativity

“ROOAARR”, Jurassic animals are within easy reach! This magnetic backdrop opens the doors to a distant dinosaur-populated era for children aged 3 years and up. This magnetic game consists of an illustrated backdrop and 30 dinosaur-themed magnets. Your child's fine motor skills will be improved as they grasp the magnetic parts. Their imagination and creativity will be stimulated even further, as they begin to invent a whole host of stories. Stories will flow from them naturally as soon as the backdrop is stood up vertically. The birth of a little dinosaur or a volcanic eruption... the events are in your child’s hands. Practical, foldable and therefore easily transportable, your child will never want to part with it! This magnetic game is part of the large Magnéti'stories collection which effectively promotes imagination and daydreaming. The magnetic game is made from FSC™-certified cardboard and controlled materials.

Age: 3 - 8 years old, and Magnetic

Dimensions: 18 x 1,5 x 18 cm

Material(s): Cardboard


Janod Magnéti'stories Dinosaurs
Janod Magnéti'stories Dinosaurs Sale price£10.99