About Us

Monisha London

Jewellery is a form of art and communication. Together we are creating collections for tomorrows world.

MONISHA LONDON is a luxury range of jewellery with a unique design ethos.​

Luxury is time and knowledge. The amount of time and knowledge it takes to handcraft each piece of jewellery should not be devalued, it should be honoured.  Our vision is to celebrate design and human craftsmanship by keeping creative individuality alive in fine Jewellery, celebrated with colour that will always be desired and cherished for generations.

Naturally, we all appreciate the finest things in life, when choosing jewellery we look for the very best. To this end our collections for both men and women have a distinctive signature. Quality and excellence form the basis of Monisha's culture and it's creations are appreciated by customers worldwide for their bold, sophisticated and unmistakeable style in which meticulous attention to detail, quality and innovative design combine to create timeless elegance.

This intensive approach has made MONISHA LONDON the destination for a new generation of luxury customers, who are totally confident with their own sense of style and purchase, who choose key pieces each season to reflect and underscore their individual sensibility and approach to fashion. 



From the idea to an established vision. From the very first sketch, the concept is analysed to select the colours best suited to bring out its brilliance and to ensure its wearability and consistency with MONISHA tradition and style. The resultant perfection is the culmination of an inspired design -- the thought process, which leads to carefully selected materials and impeccable craftsmanship delivering the final polished product through the nuances of technique and precision harnessed to deliver the finest crafted product.

Our Artisans are highly specialised, including model craftsman, goldsmiths and jewellers capable of delivering remarkable pieces of jewellery from inception to the finished jewel. Collectively, their diverse skills come together to deliver all the five steps of the process: prototyping, casting, assembly, setting and thread polishing.

Monisha jewellery is the embodiment of perfection made without the use of any kind of template, through working directly with the chosen materials, our Master Craftsmen draw upon their experience to create jewellery with soft rounded lines.



MONISHA tradition of craftsmanship reveals a refusal to compromise, a desire to deliver the best and a sensitivity to the unique beauty of each piece. Therein lies a commitment to the highest standards of quality in all its creations with the use of the most advanced technologies and innovations to produce objects of beauty that are in a class of their own. Every piece of jewellery is rigorously checked through multiple quality inspections before it is placed in a signature MONISHA BOX.